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Property Development

Property DevelopmentIt is where your life time dream of finding a comfortable living space on earth transformed in to reality. more

Property Management

Property management It is where your property is well and professionally managed in order to give you maximum comfort and returns. more

Property Care

Property DevelopmentIt is where your Property is taken care and well protected and maintained while you are away. more


Land or property registration refers to the registration to document changes in ownership and transactions involving immovable property. The main objective of the law of registration is to provide:

  1. a conclusive proof of the genuineness of documents;
  2. to afford publicity to transactions;
  3. to prevent fraud;
  4. to afford facility for ascertaining whether a property has already been dealt with ;
  5. to afford security of title deed and facility to proving titles in case the original deeds are lost or destroyed.

The registration of documents is made under the Registration Act 1908. As per the Government norms, the document should bear the required stamp duty as per the Kerala Stamp Act 1959. The required registration fee has also to be paid in cash at the Sub Registrar Office at the time of presentation of documents. The Executants, Claimant or the Power of Attorney holder may present the documents. But either the Executants or the Power of Attorney holder should invariably be present for admitting execution of the document at the Sub Registry Offices. After due verification of details, the Deed is drawn up and the registration process is complete.

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